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St Helens School District Student Code Of Conduct


All students and parents should be aware of the Student Code of Conduct, available on the St. Helens School District website  The Student Code of Conduct is the foundation of our behavior expectations at McBride School and is based on St. Helens School District Board Policy and Oregon State Law.  Here is a brief overview:

The district has authority and control over a student during the regular school day, at any school-related activity, regardless of time and location and while being transported in district-provided transportation.  All students are expected to be honest as defined by Board Policy IGABA-AR.  Lying, stealing, cheating, and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Students will be subject to discipline including detention, suspension, expulsion and/or referral to law enforcement officials for the following, including but not limited to:

1.      Bringing, possessing, concealing or using a weapon or replica of a weapon to or on school property, or at an activity under the jurisdiction of the school, or at an interscholastic activity administered by a voluntary organization approved by the State Board of Education under ORS339.430;

2.      Substance abuse or any possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or unlawful drugs, including drug paraphernalia;

3.      Assault or menacing of a district employee or another student.  Menacing means by word or conduct the student intentionally attempts to place a district employee or another student in fear of imminent serious physical injury;

4.      Use of threats, targeted lists, intimidation, harassment or coercion against any fellow student or district employee;

5.      Willful damage or destruction of district property;

6.      Willful damage of private property on district premises or during district activities;

7.      Open defiance of a teacher’s authority;

8.      Theft;

9.      Use or display of profane or obscene language;

10.  Bringing, possessing or distributing pornographic material;

11.  Violations of district transportation rules;

12.  Persistent failure to comply with rules under the lawful directions of staff or district officials.