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Ready Freddy


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What is the Ready Freddy Program?

The Ready Freddy Program is being run by the St. Helens School District to strengthen the transition to school age for your youngest learners. It was created in collaboration with the Children's Institute, engaged parents and multiple community partners.

We believe that a quality transition to Kindergarten will bring lifelong benefits to a child. A child’s transition into kindergarten sets the tone for her educational experience for many years to come. On the first day of school, every kindergarten child should walk into the classroom feeling excited, ready to learn, and supported by the school, their parents, and their community. Children flourish and learn best in the context of strong and supportive relationships. Unfortunately, almost 50% of children struggle with the transition to kindergarten.

Typically, efforts to enhance school readiness are focused on academic skills and social-emotional development. Unfortunately, neither is the best predictor of school success. More important is the quality of the relationship between the kindergarten teacher and the child’s preschool caregiver. The Ready Freddy Program is unique in that we work to bring together all the necessary elements and participants for a quality transition.